You work too hard to waste time chasing payments for services rendered.

MLS will save you and your staff time, money, and the aggravation that comes with the burden of medical billing in a managed care environment, and allow you to go back to practicing medicine.

How is the new Surpise Bill affecting your cash flow?? 

Does your Billing Company understand the complexities of the arbitration process??

We are reliable professionals with over 35 years of experience. With a strong Out-of-Network background we specialize in maximizing reimbursements for small and large surgical out-of-network based practices, specifically General Surgery and Orthopedics, although we have extensive knowledge on most surgical specialties. We listen to our clients and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.

You became a physician to treat patients, not to worry about whether or not your medical billing staff knows the coding changes, payer updates, and billing rules that change every year. If you would like to have more time doing what you do best-practicing medicine, consider outsourcing your medical billing to the experts at MLS Medical Billing. Our family run medical billing, consulting and coding services can help to ensure that all medical bills are paid correctly & we don't give up until they do.

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Your office staff cannot completely focus on your patients and fight with the insurance companies at the same time. Even if this is possible, it may drive down the profits due to errors from work overload. Efficient and consistent follow- up and denial management can increase the revenue in numerous ways; some of which are obvious while others enhance the revenue in an indirect manner such as negotiating proposals from 3rd party companies. It might seem like a simple task, but accepting offers with these companies can backfire sometimes if you don't have the knowledge and verbiage to obtain the highest dollar amount for a procedure.

All our team members have been through thorough training allowing them to excel at follow-up, appeals, negotiations and handling patient calls. Our office will also supply you with detailed reports on a weekly or monthly basis (your choice) and discuss with you and your staff regarding issues that need attention like pre-authorizations and general eligibility confirmations.

We provide Practice Management, Coding Services, Insurance Billing, and Unparalleled Follow-Up for most medical specialties. 


MLS Medical Billing Services is a HIPAA compliant privately owned comprehensive physician practice management company.